3rd party utilities


A GUI for rTorrent based on Eclipse RCP.
You can either have it as standalone application or add it as plugin to an existing Eclipse application.
A remote graphical user interface to rtorrent.
A web interface to rtorrent.
Contact cyla _at_ jmk _dot_ hu for issues or "cyla" on #
A web interface to rtorrent.
For issues, contact royger _at_ gmail _dot_ com, or "sandbox" on #
A browser interface and jsonrpc api to rtorrent.
Contact vovasty _at_ gmail _dot_ com for issues or "vovasty" on #
A feature rich web interface to rtorrent and other P2P applications. (SSL support, HTML/JSON gui, multi language)
A web interface for rTorrent based on Tibco GI.
A Python command line xmlrpc over scgi client and utility library.
Contact crass _at_ berlios _dot_ de for issues
rtGui is a web based front end written in PHP.
RTPG is a web base front end written in perl. (multi language, skin support)
Yet another web front-end for rTorrent
Native cocoa front-end for rTorrent
A collection of tools written in python for the BitTorrent protocol and especially the rTorrent client.
Contact "pyroscope" on #


A Python based broadcatcher designed with rTorrent in mind.
For help, bugs, and features requests, please use the  mailing list, the  issues tracker, or "lostnihilist" on #
A simple Python based TV show torrent downloader.
A Python based software to automate downloads from RSS, HTML, CSV and various supported sites. Plugin based architecture. Supports tv-episodes, filtering movies based on IMDB details, automatic subtitle download and basic regular expression matching.

Torrent Altering Utilities

Fast Resume
See Common Tasks page for usage.
A Python utility to change the announce url on torrent files.


utor is a very simple IRC bot.